About Us

The Idea

From frustration to idea...
The idea for WorkLocally was borne out of personal experience and the frustrations of trying to find not just professional tradesmen, but also people willing to help out with the smaller jobs that the professional may not want to take on, such as mowing the lawn, walking the dog or feeding the fish when you're on holiday.

Who knows... a person may exist on the next street, who is willing to take on the job for a small fee. But how do they know that you need something done?

Welcome to WorkLocally!  Post, control and manage your job for free.

The Difficulties

From poor previous experiences to the unknown...
It has long been identified that the relationship between local tradespeople, suppliers and consumers, is often complex and difficult.

In a time-limited society more and more households are looking to outsource their domestic jobs to a local supplier, tradesperson or a local handyman, but are often put off by this experience due, not only to poor previous experiences, but also the aggravation and the time it takes to research and find a suitable person.

There has also been a rise in consumer 'Watchdog / Rogue Trader' documentaries where viewers are confronted by numerous stories of excessive charges, uncompleted or poorly completed jobs. Many homeowners continue to take a risk on unknown tradespeople or rely on word of mouth to get the job done with confidence.

Key Issues

From Communication, to a fair price and trust...
Issue:  How to get a professional or independent person to understand your requirements, without it taking too much time and by consistently communicating the same message. Solution:

Post your job on WorkLocally for free... communicate the job requirements, sit back and watch the quotes roll in.
Issue:  How to ensure you get a fair price for your job. Solution:

Once your job has been posted on WorkLocally, after time you will be able to cross compare quotes with others and see if you are getting a fair deal.
Issue:  Trust. How can I review work already undertaken before awarding the Job Seeker my job? Solution:

Evaluate the profile of the user who has quoted on your job to see previous reviews for positive as well as negative feedback. Also, see if Job Seekers are WorkLocally Verified for additional reassurance on confirmed background checks.

Build it and they will come...

Designed for Job Seekers and Job Posters...
WorkLocally launched in 2015, not only as a platform for home owners (Job Posters) and tradespeople (Job Seekers) to find each other, but also to enable Job Posters to use the experience of others to make informed decisions.

Our Aim

Make it easier and give back to the younger generation...
We at WorkLocally aim to weed out the rogues and re-instil a good name with our local tradespeople and independent people who are looking to top up their income. We request Job Seekers who want to quote on jobs higher than £150.00 to verify themselves; either Company or VAT if commercial, or Address and Identify if an Independent Person.

We aim to summarise this and make it visible to you, and at the same time allow our younger generation an opportunity to take on the smaller jobs to help them through school, university or if between jobs or even as a platform to launch their own careers.

Diverse and FREE Posting

Post, Control and Manage your Job Advert entirely...
The types of job that can be posted within WorkLocally range from large scale building projects, to smaller renovation work. The range of job post classifications is quite diverse but (we hope) extremely well structured. There are, for example, sections for requesting help with dinner parties as well as aspects of personal care & beauty. Moreover, posting, controlling and managing your Job advert through WorkLocally is FREE!

Whether it's someone that is looking to supplement their income, or others who want to be their own boss, there is always a job on WorkLocally.

If there is a service provider out there we aim to provide them with a platform to easily find you, and for you to choose the right person/company - hassle free. Why not explore this site further and see for yourself?

Keeping it Positive

Feedback and Suggestions Welcome...
We at WorkLocally hope you receive a positive experience from using the WorkLocally site and appreciate any feedback or suggestions that you may have.

Thank you for using WorkLocally,

The WorkLocally team.